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Get the skills and tools you need to experiment with new business models, understand your customers better, and create better products and services. Join us for our public workshops, or we can run bespoke corporate training, just for you.

Our Workshops

Drive change in your organisation: unique workshops that provide the skills and techniques you need to help your company innovate and collaborate better.


Learn how to think like an entrepreneur, understand and empathise with your customers, spot opportunities to create value, and shape & communicate disruptive business ideas effectively. Learn more about dBOX >

Unlocking Customer Insight

Learn the essential skills and techniques you need to create fresh customer insight by observing, understanding, and empathising with your customers. Learn more about Unlocking Customer Insight >

Build to think: Sketching and Prototyping

Learn how to sketch, prototype and test new business ideas and services –  quickly, cheaply and effectively. Learn more about Build to Think: Sketching and Prototyping >

Storytelling: to Influence & Engage

Learn how to use storytelling to communicate your ideas better, build empathy and common understanding, and help drive action and engagement with your audiences. Learn more about Storytelling to Influence & Engage>

Upcoming Workshops

Storytelling to Engage & ExciteDublin24 May 2018learn more >
dBOX: The Disruptors ToolboxDublin25-26 June 2018learn more >
Unlocking Customer InsightDublin28 June 2018learn more >
dBOX: The Disruptors ToolboxHelsinki03-04 September 2018learn more >
Storytelling to Engage & ExciteHelsinki06 September 2018learn more >

what people are saying about us

Luke Reilly, Content Specialist, AIB

“Helping people learn. They do a few interesting things that really make you think. I’m definitely going to go back now and switch people’s thinking to make them see the benefit of telling a good story in their communications”

Mary Mulcahy, Head of Outsourcing & Managed Services, FEXCO

“Fantastic. Just a completely fresh approach. A lot of the work I do is quite analytical, process-based and structured. It’s just great to get a different way of thinking about things and a different way of looking at things.”

Angela Duffy, Venture Investment Leader, NDRC

“It’s very practically done and applied. There’s a lot of fantastic tools that I certainly will take back with me and use in my day-to-day to help my team and the startups that we work with.”

Why your company needs to learn this stuff

The world is changing fast. New technologies, new ways of working, changing customer expectations. Your future business is all about collaboration, agility, and speed. You need to get ever-closer to your customers. And you need to be able to rapidly identify and respond to changing customers needs.

Our workshops provide you with the skills you need to adapt and prosper in this brave new world.

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