Our client is Ireland’s largest vertically integrated energy utility, with more than 2 million customers and in excess of €5 billion in annual revenues.

The company knows it needs to change, as new technology, regulation, competition, and business models are fundamentally transforming its market.

But how do you drive change in a fundamentally conservative organisation? And how do you help an engineering organisation become more entrepreneurial, and ensure that it has the skills it needs to compete into the future?

There is no silver bullet for organisational change.

Instead, what’s needed is a multi-faceted approach that builds on the strengths of an organisation, while at the same creating the space for new thinking to take root and flourish.

Over two years, we’ve helped the client:

  • Design & implement a corporate incubation space
  • Implement processes for idea generation and validation, using our proprietary challenge & sprint format
  • Run skills and training workshops in design thinking, prototyping, user research and storytelling
  • Run innovation days to build awareness across staff from across all levels of the organisation
  • Work with business units to identify new business opportunities
  • Mentor & support corporate intrapreneurs, and help them shape and evolve their offering
    Outcome / Results

This is a work in progress, but the feedback for all our initiatives has been hugely positive.

We’ve supported 3 corporate spin-outs.

We’ve helped one business unit identify in excess of €200 million in future revenue.

We’ve trained more than 100 people, from across the organisation, in a variety of new skills, to rave reviews.


  • Future value: Through a variety of intiatives, we’ve helped the client identify more than €200 million in future value
  • Training: We’ve delivered new skills in design thinking and lean methods for more than 200 people
  • Corporate Labs: We’ve helped shape and optimise the structure and processes of the corporate labs function to improve performance and outputs
  • Mentoring: We’ve helped shape and mentor 3 corporate startups, helping them embrace user-centred design and lean experimentation

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Author: Morgan McKeagney
Date: 3/5/17

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