Build to Think: Sketching & Prototyping

Sketch and prototype to communicate & innovate better.

Dublin 10 November 2017

Sketch, prototype and test new business ideas and services, quickly & cheaply

“Don’t tell me, Show me”

Rapid prototyping helps you make your new ideas, products or services tangible and testable, quickly and cost-effectively. Communicate ideas better and engage more effectively with stakeholders and potential customers.

Prototypes have magic powers. They help you learn faster. They reduce risk by getting early and rapid feedback from customers. And they help weed out bad ideas sooner, so you can focus on features that customers value most.

Prototyping is all about learning and thinking with your hands. This workshop goes back to basics with hands-on pen-and-paper methods to get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

If the idea of drawing on a whiteboard in front of your colleagues terrifies you then this workshop is for you. You’ll leave feeling confident that you can communicate your ideas in a visual way.

We promise no theoretical blah-blah. You will just get simple, hands-on tools & techniques that you can apply immediately.

Duration1-day workshop (9am-5pm)
Size20 maximum
Cost€595 (discounts available)
Facilitator(s)Eimear McNally & Toby Scott
Who's it for?Innovation leaders within companies, product owners and managers; anyone who wants to rapidly prototype and test new ideas
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What makes this workshop essential?

Speed is a competitive imperative. This workshop helps you develop and validate your ideas better and faster, helping you move quicker than the competition.

What you’ll take away

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Sketch and communicate your ideas visually and  fluently
  • Use storyboards to communicate your ideas
  • Make rapid prototypes using simple materials
  • Use prototypes to rapidly test, validate and improve your ideas 
  • Get meaningful feedback and insight from your customers, fast
  • Know what prototyping tools to use when

The Agenda

Morning: Build your visual confidence and tell a story

Make your mark:

  • Know when and why visualising is useful
  • Draw anything in 4 shapes- fast
  • Draw people and actions- fast

Tell a compelling story:

  • Use templates to visualise conversations
  • Learn how to sketch your ideas
  • Common visual conventions – tricks and tips
  • Create a storyboard

Afternoon: Build to think and learn to fail

Think with your hands:

  • Understand prototypes and why they’re so powerful
  • Learn quick and easy lo-fi paper prototyping methods
  • Understand different prototyping methods, and when best to use
  • Build something to learn fast

Fail-fail better:

  • Use prototypes to test your ideas
  • Gather useful feedback and iterate your ideas
  • Use your prototypes to tell your story and get buy-in
  • Smooth the transition from prototyping to production

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Who you’ll be working with?

Eimear McNally

Eimear is a hugely experienced artist, visual communicator and designer, with more than 10 years experience in facilitating visual communication for all sorts of organisations – from Google and Allianz to local community groups. With FRAMLABS, Eimear helps our clients quickly capture, visualise, test and iterate their ideas – using visual methods. Her work is incredibly engaging, fun, and provides great clarity, improves communication, and builds empathy. Eimear is a graduate of NCAD Dublin.

Toby Scott

Toby is a co-founder of FRAMLABS, and a design thinking pioneer. While a director of the British Design Council, Toby co-designed the double-diamond innovation framework – a globally adopted innovation tool. He’s also a co-author of IDEO’s method cards.Toby co-developed the dBOX specifically to help large companies use tried and trusted design thinking tools to drive fresh thinking, future value creation, and organisational change. Toby has more than 20 years experience helping the world’s smartest organisations – such as the BBC, the UN, Barclays – use design to deliver amazing strategic results.

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Simply brilliant – the best 2-day training experience I’ve ever had”

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“I’ve done lots of innovation workshops before, but this was in a class all of its own. I learned stuff that felt profound. And it genuinely changed my perspective on things. Can’t wait to start applying what I’ve learned”