What’s next? Framlabs helps progressive organisations find and create future revenue – faster and with less risk.

Creating future value is hard. You need to attack the challenge in different ways. We help you with four main service areas, each addressing different aspects of the innovation challenge. You can mix and match our services depending on your needs.

Want to accelerate future revenues?


Insights reimagined. Where does future revenue come from? From solving customer problems better than anyone else. We help you get the new insight you need to identify and validate customer problems and new business ideas.

The problem

Getting fresh insight is hard. Great ideas are trapped in silos or peoples’ heads. You don’t have visibility on what competitors are doing. And traditional market research is close to useless when it comes to generating or validating new ideas.

Our solution

A different approach, rooted in user-centred design, qualitative insight, speed, and a focus on what people do, not what they say.

1. Customer Insight

What can our customers’ tell us?

We help you observe, interview, and test with customers to uncover or validate problems or unmet needs.

2. Internal Insight

What do we already know?

We help you look  inside to find great ideas you have already. And we help you identify what you’re really good at that you can can apply in new ways.

3. Global Insight

What can we learn from other markets or sectors?

Why reinvent that wheel? We help you quickly identify great, proven propositions from other markets or sectors that you apply to your own.

Clarity. quickly get to clarity on what your best opportunities are

Risk. minimise future risk and cost by validating new ideas early and often

Focus. zoom in on the 2 or 3 golden nuggets that actually matter

Action. know what to do next, driving faster decisions and action

Speed. our agile process ensures better insights, faster

Cost-effective. our lean model keeps costs down


Designing future business. How will you make money in the future? Find good opportunities, and turn them into future revenue, fast. We help you define, design, test and refine new business propositions in just six weeks.

The problem

Creating new stuff and revenues is really hard, particularly in complex organisations. How do you find the space and resources to explore new things? How do you keep stakeholders on board and aligned? How do you ensure you get tangible, meaningful output?

Our solution

We combine design thinking, lean startup methods, and a novel approach to collaboration to help you identify, design, and test new business propositions, quickly and with no risk.

1. Challenge

What problem are we trying to solve? How do ensure everyone’s on board & aligned?

We run a 1 or 2 day challenge workshop to clarify the problem & ensure that all the key stakeholders and engaged and aligned.

2. Sprint

How to our make ideas tangible & cut across silos to develop something compelling and tangible?

We run a series of 3-day or 5-day design sprints, collaborating internally and externally, to develop a compelling new proposition that meet customers needs.

3. Experiment

How do we know if this proposition has commercial legs?

We design low-cost, low-risk commercial experiments to test your new proposition, and to provide quick feedback on how it can be improved.


Clarity. quickly get to clarity on what your best opportunities are

Risk. minimise future risk and cost by validating new ideas early and often

Focus. zoom in on the 2 or 3 golden nuggets that actually matter

Action. know what to do next, driving faster decisions and action

Speed. our agile process ensures better insights, faster

Cost-effective. our lean model keeps costs down


Prototype your future. Do, don’t talk. Build to think & clarify. Quickly prototype your ideas, to make them tangible and testable, to improve communication, feedback and learning, and to reduce risk.

The problem

“We think this idea has legs, but we’re not sure. We don’t know if customers will go for it; or whether it merits the investment required to bring it to life.”

“Our development and design teams are at full capacity delivering the day-to-day – there’s new bandwidth to explore this new stuff, so it withers on the vine.”

“We all have a slightly different vine of what this new thing is, which makes communication and progress difficult.”

Our solution

Rapid prototyping to help you make your new ideas, products or services tangible and testable, quickly and cost-effectively. Prototyping is all about learning, so we believe it should be cheap and fast to do, so that the benefits of doing something far outweigh the risk of doing nothing.

1. Discover

We facilitate a workshop with your team to determine your goals for the prototype.

What problem are we trying to solve? Who’s the user and what are their key goals? What’s the purpose of the prototype – to learn, to sell, to impress? What’s the ideal medium & format (digital, physical, video, etc.) for your prototype?

2. Storyboard

We create a storyboard for your prototype, bringing key user goals and scenarios to life.

We recommend the ideal scope, medium, format functionality, and level of resolution (low v high) for your prototype.

We take your feedback & iterate until you’re happy that we’ve nailed your requirements fully.

3. Develop & Deliver

We design, develop and deliver your prototype, to the agreed specification, with the agreed timeframe – typically in weeks.

Clarity: show rather than tell – a prototype makes your ideas and tangible and easier to communicate

Action: do rather than talk – having something tangible to show helps accelerate and build momentum in your project

User-focus: our relentless focus on the user and their experience ensures better outcomes for you

Speed: we work fast, with turnaround times typically from 1-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of your requirements

Risk: minimise future risk and cost by prototyping new ideas early and often

Cost-effective: our lean model keeps costs down

Quality: functional and beautiful, as required


Training, skills, infrastructure. How to future-proof your organisation, drive change and encourage changemakers?  We provide the training, programmes and infrastructure you need to embed and accelerate innovation in your organisation.

The problem

Your customers’ priorities are changing faster than your organisation can adapt.

How to keep pace? How to drive a culture innovation so that you can meet changing customer needs?

Our solution

People drive change. We believe that your organisation already has the ideas & people it needs to invent your future. You just need to create the space, infrastructure and supports for this talent to flourish.

1. Training

How can we learn to collaborate and innovate better?

FRAMLABS U offers a range of training workshops, designed to bring your people up to speed on the essentials of design thinking, lean startup, and user-centred design.

2. Innovation Labs

What’s the best way to build an innovation lab?

Beyond bean bags. We can help you put the structures, processes, and capabilities in place to ensure that your innovation function remains relevant and delivers measurable value to your organisation.

3. Programmes

How can we continually engage our people, teams, and executive?

From executive engagement, to 1-day innovation programmes, to running customer insights, we help you engage your organisation at all levels, and ensure that change is being driven from within.


Build capability: from design thinking, through customer research

Improve collaboration: within and across teams and divisions

Increase awareness, engagement, and buy-in: by engaging your own people to help shape your organisation’s future

Accelerate efforts: with access to proven tools and processes, and knowledge of what works

Unlock latent potential: find and empower hidden stars

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