we design
future business.

Framlabs helps smart organisations create new products and services to deliver future revenues, faster and with less risk.

Helping you find and deliver future value

Driving innovation and future value is hard. Our services help you remove barriers, build on your own strengths, and find and accelerate future revenues.

Our approach is collaborative and non-precious: you can mix and match our services whatever way works best for you, depending on your needs or capabilities.


A holistic approach to find, design, test and refine new business propositions, fast.

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Get better insight faster, to identify or validate new business ideas.

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Rapid prototyping to make your ideas tangible and testable, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Build your organisation’s ability to innovate and collaborate at pace.

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A different approach to innovation: speedy, frugal, and action-based

We’ve cut our teeth helping ambitious start-ups take on the world. So we understand constraints, and believe in doing more with less, and learning continually.

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What’s happening: now and next

Framlabs & Dogpatch Labs announce new corporate innovation workshops

Three new workshops helping companies experiment with new business models,

Case study: How do you keep banking relevant for the customers of tomorrow?

Client Challenge: Our client is one of Ireland’s pillar banks,

Why corporate hackathons are mostly a waste of time

Imagine this scenario. You’re lost in a desert. You’ve €1,000 in your pocket, but no water. You’ve wandered for hours, hours, and hours.

Case study: How can a traditional organisation reimagine how it innovates?

Our client is Ireland’s largest vertically integrated energy utility,

Helping great organisations accelerate progress

From global organisations to ambitious start-ups: we help progressive organisations of all sorts to create future revenues.

Why Framlabs?

Deliberately small. Decidedly global. Lean, frugal, fast: we believe in delivering more with less. If speed and getting good stuff done fast matters, call us.

Want to spend much more and to take much longer? Call McKinsey, Accenture, Ideo, Doblin, BCG, or Frog.